Top Cool Things to Do with Your Photos

by admin

Thanks to advances in technology, our phones, tablets, and computers can accumulate gigabytes of data. It’s no surprise, then, that more and more people prefer to store their images digitally. If you’re one of them, here’s a list of cool things to make with them.

1. Videos
A themed clip is one of the best ways to share a holiday trip, a family wedding, or a child’s birthday. Create videos from photos, add video segments, overlay music, insert captions, and you’re good to go. Videos like this are great and also make unique gifts for your friends and family. But keep them short – no longer than a song. Three minutes is plenty of time to tell a video story without boring your audience.

2. Slideshows
If your phone has enough storage space for all your photos, you can create a slideshow with a mobile application. That’s all you need to make your video even more engaging. If you want to upload your slideshow to your profile, make it no longer than a minute and a half. The attention span of Instagram users is pretty low, so short videos are the best way to keep viewers interested.

3. Photo albums & scrapbooks
Take your boxes of photos and place them in ready-made albums. There are standard albums for 10×15 pictures and specially designed albums for Instax or Polaroid images. Alternatively, you could create a scrapbook and decorate it with stickers, dried flowers, colorful tape, handwritten captions, or drawings.

4. Wall art
Your photo collection should be something you’re proud of, so why not let everyone see it? Hang a corkboard or memo board on your wall and pin your best photos up. Use pins or small magnets and change the images around as often as you want. If you don’t have enough space on your walls, the fridge door is also a great place for a collage. Here’s another idea: put some nails in the walls and hang a string between them. Use little clothespins to hang your pictures, then add a string of Christmas lights to spotlight the photos without the need for overhead lights.

5 . DIY photography gifts
Personalized gifts are a great way to give someone a surprise gift. Professional printing companies can create practically anything for you: photo magnets, mugs, pillowcases, phone cases, calendars, coasters, pins, T-shirts, puzzles, and other small items. This kind of memorabilia doesn’t take up much space but is a great reminder of good times and people who were part of it. Make sure you choose an appropriate picture for each item.

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