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I have used hairclips, paperclips, rubber bands, spoons, junk mail fliers, strips of fabric, pencils, envelopes, and shopping receipts as bookmarks. In a real pinch, I have used Barbie clothes as a bookmark. Suffice to say I can never find a spare bookmark when I really need it.

So then I got to thinking, I’ve got this stationery drawer filled with spare things, like staples, envelopes, cables, and back up tooth fairy pouches; so why not have a stash of pretty bookmarks for all those reading books that I’ve got in the rotation? From this a-ha moment came the genesis of a fun paper project – A vintage style paper doll bookmark collection. Let’s get started!

Paper Craft: Vintage Paper Doll Bookmarks

You will need:

  • 300GSM cardboard
  • Art pens (or paints, or pencils)
  • Craft scissors
  • Cutting board


  • If your printer struggles to process 300GSM cardboard you can print the template to plain paper. After coloring the bookmarks, you would then glue the template to a light-medium weight A4 card.
  • These cute bookmarks can double as paper dolls. Don’t ya think!

How to:

1/ Print the template at 100%, preferably onto cardboard.

2/ Colour in the bookmarks using any medium you like. Really, the sky is the limit. Use any colors you enjoy, bright colors make these bookmarks really pop. You can use art pens, textas, paints, or pencils, whatever you have handy.

3/ Now that you have gorgeously colored in the bookmarks, place the cardboard sheet on an art cutting board.

4/ With the art very carefully along the outside edge of each bookmark. Kids can use scissors for this step.

5/ For the final cutting step carefully along the inner side of the arms on each bookmark doll. This small division will make it possible to clip the bookmark onto a page. In fact, it will look like the bookmark is holding the page.

6/ Now you have a collection of beautiful, gorgeous, cute-as-a-button vintage paper doll-inspired bookmarks. Perfect for handing out gifts to loved ones, slipping into letters to pen pals, or, keeping on hand for the multiple books that you have in open rotation.

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