Celebrate International Men’s Day with these delicious homemade cakes

by admin

Happy International Men’s Day!

The International Men’s Day is a day that is symbolic of male-centric issues like discrimination against men, mens’ and boys’ health, promoting male role models etc. While on a larger scale the aim is to spread awareness about these issues, everyone can be a part of this global campaign by starting on a smaller scale. One of the best things you can do in the spirit of this day is to bake a cake for a loved one. It could be made to celebrate the manhood of your brother, husband, son, father, boyfriend, or uncle, and seeing that cake is one of the best comfort foods, the very thought is enough to make the person feel loved. Here are some delicious homemade cake ideas to bake this International Men’s Day.

Chocolate cake

There isn’t much that can go wrong with chocolate. Chocolate is simply a delectable flavour/food, the taste of which is potent enough to make someone enjoy the recipe. A cake covered in CHOCOLATE with it melting down the sides will make any person drool, so you’re sure to get this one right.

Almond-walnut cake

Let’s admit, almonds and walnuts aren’t popular choices when it comes to making or eating a cake. But when you prepare the cake yourself, not many people will complain. Moreover, both nuts are associated with an increase in testosterone and libido, so they double as an accurate representation of this day.

Oreo cake

Getting straight to the point, nothing about you matters when it comes to enjoying Oreo. So whether you are male, female, young, old, religious, or atheist, you are going to enjoy an OREO CAKE. Not much can go wrong with the cake, for the rich taste and creamy texture accompanied with your time and effort will anyone fall in love. \

Theme cakes

While flavours on the larger part subjective, cakes based on certain themes can be the perfect representation of men. For example, a football themed cake for a person who is into sports or a car themed cake for a person who loves cars can be a good way to show love and support this International Men’s Day. (Image: Instagram/whitedogbakery)

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